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                    Providing support for all NHS workers and Healthcare Students across Wales    

About Health For Health Professionals Wales

HHP Wales offers a free, confidential service that provides you with access to various levels of support. 

We offer 

Self-help, Guided self-help, Peer support and Virtual face to face therapies with accredited specialists. 

How it works

To access our Guided self-help, Peer support and Virtual face to face services contact our helpline.  This can be done in one of 3 ways, either by using the referral form (click here), by calling 0800 058 2738 or emailing

The helpline will get back to you within 24 hours and will make arrangements for you to speak to one of our doctor advisors who will talk you through your options for ongoing therapies and support. This is a free service.



The helpline is available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm 
Note: In line with current Government advice to protect our staff during this public health emergency, HHP colleagues are working from home and making the best use of technology to continue to support NHS workers in Wales. If possible, please consider contacting the helpline via the referral form or email in the first instance.

The helpline will put you through to one of our doctor advisors who will talk you through your options and put you in touch with one of our BABCP therapists. This is a free service.


The service is fully funded by the Welsh Government and administered by Cardiff University.

If you would like to speak to someone in Welsh please inform the helpline when you call.  



Self Help Resources

HHP Wales is working in collaboration with HEIW and NHS Practitioner Health. Both offer self-help resources you can access directly:

NHS Practitioner Health 


Click on the above links and access via the 'NHS Wales Staff Wellbeing Covid-19 Portal’


Out of Hours 

Should you need to speak to someone more urgently or out of the standard HHP Wales helpline hours (any time between 5pm and 9am Monday to Friday, Bank Holidays and Weekends), then please click here



Terms & Conditions


The HHP Wales helpline is a confidential service. On self-referring to HHP Wales services we will ask you for your consent to process and retain personal information. Any data collected by the service will remain within the HHP Wales service and be stored confidentially. Data collected will only be used to administer and evaluate and the service and will be kept for a maximum of 10 years. Collecting this data may help us improve future services for health professional and healthcare students across Wales. Any published data will be reported anonymously. Individual consent relating the storage and processing of personal data can be withdrawn at any time. If you wish to withdraw consent to our holding and processing your data, then please contact us. HHP Wales can be contacted via the “general enquiries” page. If you would like to raise any concerns or complaints regarding the handling of your personal data, please contact


The HHP Wales helpline is only for counselling and cannot provide legal advice, an advocacy service or represent doctors at tribunals or GMC hearings.

The HHP Wales helpline is not an emergency service – if you feel you need to speak to someone in an emergency please click here

Disclaimer:  The therapists and doctor advisors are not employees of the Welsh Government or agents of the Welsh Government.


Accordingly the Welsh Government is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any of the therapists or the doctor advisors.

Ymwadiad:  Nid yw’r therapyddion na’r ymgynghorwyr sy’n feddygon yn cael eu cyflogi gan Lywodraeth Cymru nac yn asiantau i Lywodraeth Cymru.

Yn unol â hynny, nid yw Llywodraeth Cymru yn gyfrifol am weithredoedd neu unrhyw beth sy’n cael ei hepgor gan unrhyw un o’r therapyddion neu gynghorwyr meddygon.

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